Azores settlement is an important urban center of Crete in the Archaic Period (7th-5th century BC). Built on a conspicuous hill that dominates the Mirabello gulf, holds the position of strategic importance between Isthmus of Ierapetra and west Sitia mountains.

Even though the area has been continuously inhabited from the Early Iron Age (1200-700 BC to the 5th century BC), the destruction 700 BC leads to the settlement’s rearrangement and the public urban center construction.
Of the public buildings that have come to light, important to mention are: Firstly, the complex named “Andrion” consisting of storage areas, kitchens, one dining room and rooms used for libations and offerings, Secondly “Memorial State Building” which was obviously hall or banquet terraced for seats and thirdly the small “Sanctuary”. Here apart from numerous vessels, iron spits, tools and weapons figurines and an armor section and Cretan type helmet were found.

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