Ierapetra is one of the greatest cities of the ancient period, named Kyrva. The town was later renamed Pytna and finally Hierapytna which means “sacred hill”, because of its holly temple that stood there in the ancient years. The first b.C. century, Ierapetra was one of the most important ports of Crete, taking advantage of its strategic place for trades with Eastern and Southern Mediterranean states.

Very interesting facts of Ierapetra’s historic route though time can be figured out visiting its great archaeological collection that is housed in the Ottoman school. This collection started gathering at the end of 9th century when residents established the Educational Club of Ierapetra with a goal to collect and preserve the ancient region.

Ierapetra’s archaeological collection covers the period from the 3rd millennium b.C. until the 5th century a.C.  Every visitor has the chance to admire the clay sarcophagus- amphorae with graphic images-inscriptions, clays, coins and a beautiful statue of the goddess Persephone, goddess of Ierapetra.

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The Digital Museum of Ierapetra is an attempt of the Municipal Authority to show the historical and archaeological monuments as well as to present the natural environment of the municipality area. As part of this effort, we created this app that aims to guide visitors in the points of interest of our municipality more...


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The Digital Museum

The Museum consists of audiovisual content and interactive applications. In particular, LCD screens that display information about Ierapetra, the wider region, more...

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